Elijah Wood Told That He Would Love To Play in a GTA Series While Eating Hot, Spiced Chicken Wings [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Elijah Wood has participated in the “Hot Ones” internet show where he also dissed the Resident Evil movies.


Elijah Wood is one of those actors who needs no introduction. His role as Frodo in The Lord of the Rings marked his career, and those who grew up with those films have a particular fondness for him. In addition, he has always admitted his devotion and interest in video games; in fact, he collaborated to produce a video game for Virtual Reality devices.

Now, amid video game adaptations to the small or big screen, Elijah Wood has confessed which would be the title that he would most like to see turned into a television series. Elijah Wood has said it in participation in Hot Ones, a well-known internet show where they interview several celebrities while they eat hot wings. Sean Evas, the presenter, asked him which game would be the perfect candidate to become a series, and he did not hesitate.

The actor mentioned the GTA series instantly, specifying that he would love for them to be based on GTA Vice City or GTA V, the latest instalment in the series to date. He assures that he would be very interested in seeing something like this. There was no reference to the mythical Miami Vice, a series that triumphed in the 80s and shares aesthetics with the aforementioned Vice City. He also “complained” about the Resident Evil movie adaptations for not looking much like the games and expresses hope that the upcoming Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City will be more similar.

Speaking of GTA, by the way, in the last hour’s different information has been arriving with a force that says that this year remasters of GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas could come, although in Rockstar they have not commented on the matter.

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