Battlefield 2024 – Delayed Officially!

Well, we just wrote a couple of hours ago that Battlefield 2042 might get delayed and here we are with an official confirmation from EA and DICE themselves.


Jeff Grubb and Tom Henderson strike again, and while we wish it were not true, unfortunately, an official announcement just hit the internet on Twitter.

The official reason for the delay is that unfortunately covid, and home office working has caused delays for the team. They need more time to polish the game, primarily due to the number of features and the scope of the overall product. In order to provide a seamless experience and also to avoid any massive hiccups, the team have announced that they will be delaying the game until November.

A beta might still be released on the 22nd of September 2021, as per previous leaks, which you can read about, and the original rumour over here.

Battlefield 2042 is a massive undertaking for DICE, and covid plus homeworking is definitely not doing them any favours. A dynamic weather system, crossplay between PC, Xbox Series X/S and PS5, and also a PS4 and Xbox One version is on the way with 64 player maps.

The official date for the new release date has been confirmed now to be the 19th of November 2021, and hopefully, this will not get delayed any further. It seems this week is just full of delays and issues when it comes to gaming.

You can read the official statement here:

Battlefield 2042 delayed to November

Source: Twitter

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