Twisted Metal – TV Series Starring Anthony Mackie

CINEMA NEWS – Sony seems to be building up not just hype around their next-gen exclusives but is also heavily investing in their TV efforts, and one of the latest news is that Anthony Mackie will be the star of an old Sony franchise Twisted Metal


Rumours of a new Twisted Metal game have been going around the internet for a while now but while nothing concrete has been discovered about that project, Sony has just announced the star of the Twisted Metal TV series.

Anthony Mackie will star as John Doe, tasked with delivering a package across an apocalyptic wasteland in order to get a better life for himself. The show will be written by Deadpool writing duo Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. It has also been confirmed that Sweet Tooth The Clown will appear in the TV show.

Sony TV’s Glenn Adilman made the following statement:

We’ve been big fans of Anthony’s phenomenal body of work over the years and knew he was the only actor who could play a character as complex, funny, and compelling as John Doe. Fortunately for us, he agreed.”

Anthony Mackie starred in Captain America: Winter Soldier and in the Avenger movies, plus starred as the main character for the second season of Altered Carbon.

If such announcements are being made for a TV show, hopefully, a videogame announcement is right around the corner. You can read about the video game rumours relating to Twisted Metal here.

Source: Pushsquare

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