PlayStation 4 Update 9.00 – Hold Off A Bit       

The PlayStation 4 just received its latest update to connect it to the PS5 in a few ways, but it has caused issues for multiple users


The latest update for the PlayStation 4, labelled as Update 9.00, adds a host of new features to connect it to the PlayStation 5 by allowing users to view PS5 trophies on their PS4. Players can also delete message groups if they’re the owners, and PS4 remote play now works using cellular data instead of requiring a WiFi connection.

In theory, this all sounds great, and in reality, there have been a host of issues experienced by people who have upgraded to the latest firmware on the PS4.

In the past twenty-four hours, a Reddit thread has been opened on r/PS4 with more than a hundred comments commenting about slowness, DNS server warnings, and some consoles got bricked by the update.

There is no official word from Sony yet, and it does not seem to happen with every console, and there is no specific version of the console that can occur.

It is disappointing that in 2021 this can happen after a firmware update and that Sony has still not been able to launch certain firmware without any issues for users. Hopefully, Sony will release a hotfix soon, eliminating this bug and making updating a non-issue for PS4 users.



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