Deathloop: A Prime Example Of Camaraderie In The Gaming Industry

It’s a nice gesture from one of the Microsoft people, and no, it’s not that the Deathloop actor got an Xbox Series X.


Arkane Lyon’s Deathloop is already available on PlayStation 5 and PC. Its style heavily resembles Dishonored, even though this IP is currently on hold. (However, since Microsoft acquired Bethesda, as well as all the studios and IPs under it, they may bring it back shortly.) The game features Jason Kelley’s voice.

Kelley is Colt’s voice in the game. He’s one of the main characters in Deathloop, which might be a timed PlayStation 5 console exclusive; it didn’t lead to him receiving a console by Sony to at least have a chance to play what he helped create. (Which makes us wonder how Sony never bothered to get a freebie for the actor, or how they couldn’t manage it…) In this short video on Twitter, Kelley confirmed that he couldn’t play the game due to not having a PlayStation 5 at home.

The situation has changed since. Kelley was interviewed by JumpCutPLAY’s Aaron Bayne, and they talked about Deathloop’s success as well. The actor revealed that Bethesda’s marketing boss Pete Hines contacted him, sending a PlayStation 5 as a gift (and others also had similar offers). The Redmond employee didn’t stop just there: he sorted out a copy of Deathloop, too, even though Microsoft could be the company that can ignore all this.

This story shows a strong camaraderie in the gaming industry even between the two console manufacturers, who work jointly on streaming technology (the deal started effectively as a move against the Google Stadia), allowing PlayStation Now to use Microsoft’s Azure servers.

This situation reminded us of the ending screen of Ghosts N Goblins’ NES port: this story is happy end.

Source: PSL

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