Dragon Age 4: Bad News For the Former Generation Console Owners?

A BioWare employee on LinkedIn “betrayed” that The fourth instalment in EA’s role-playing series may not have PS4 and Xbox One versions.


We still know very little about Dragon Age 4, but we hear many things about the game despite this. It seems that Electronic Arts’ plans with the fourth numbered instalment of the RPG have been changing over time. While a few months ago we learned that it was initially developed as a game as a service, now it seems that we could see it only in the new generation.

That seems to indicate the LinkedIn profile of a BioWare worker, where PS4 and Xbox One are not present as platforms for which the game would be developed at the moment. You have to be careful, but everything seems to indicate that the role-playing title would only reach PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC, leaving behind the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

It is not strange if we look at the long development time that the work has and the little material that we have seen. This is usually a sign that the work is getting more complicated than necessary, so focusing only on the PC and the new generation consoles seems logical to save extra work of optimization on previous machines.

We do not know the release date of Dragon Age 4 . Some of the top creatives left the project last year, so new BioWare work is still a long way from reaching our hands. We are still waiting to see it in motion since the last thing they showed us was a cinematic trailer that was just over a minute long.

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