Xbox Series X Mini Fridge: Available For Pre-Order Soon

Microsoft has capitalized on the internet memes: “ah, you think our new Xbox Series X console looks like a refrigerator… let’s sell a fridge that looks like one” – that’s pretty much the Redmond thinking.


Ok, we’re not talking about a 1:1, real life-sized, giant fridge for the kitchen (we can see that Microsoft will make that happen… it’s a matter of time), but a mini-fridge. It all started as a meme, but Microsoft hinted during its E3 presentation that it would implement what began life as a silly yet apt marketing solution. The Redmond-based company created the kitchen appliance in collaboration with Ukinoc!. It bears a deceptive resemblance to the Xbox Series X through its LED lights and surface.

The little Xbox fridge holds up to twelve cans of drinks and has two shelves in its door. There’s a USB port on the front, and you can connect it to the mains using a DC adapter so that you can take it with you, and it’s available exclusively from Target in the US for $100. In Canada, it will be available via the Xbox Gear Store (and it will start shipping there in December).

The Xbox Series X replica mini cooler will be available for pre-order starting October 19, and its shipping to retailers internationally will begin in December. It will also be available in Europe in several countries. In the UK, it will be sold by GAME for £90 (£36,000); in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland, the Netherlands and Poland, it will be sold by GameStop in Europe, Micromania (mainly for the French) and Toynik (via Amazon).

Microsoft says it wants to make the mini-cooler, which borrows the look of the Xbox Series X, available to as many people as possible and promises regional sales from 2022.

Source: VG247

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