Nintendo Switch Sales Update: Nearly 100 Million Consoles Sold And Christmas Ahead Of Us

New sales figures do not yet include OLED data for Nintendo Switch.

With the holiday season and Thanksgiving approaching in the US market, Nintendo has released Nintendo Switch sales figures for the quarter ended September 30, showing that the hybrid console is very close to crossing the 100 million mark worldwide.

Last quarter, 3.83 million Nintendo Switch units were sold, bringing the total number of units sold in homes worldwide to 92.87 million. This figure was achieved in four and a half years, surpassing the sales of other major consoles from the Japanese company, such as the Nintendo DS and the legendary NES.

In the last six months, Nintendo has recorded sales of $6.73 billion, compared with $5.46 billion in the same period last year. Total profits were $1.86 billion, up from $1.5 billion the previous year. Despite the good figures, the Japanese company cut its Nintendo Switch sales forecast for this fiscal year (which ends March 31, 2022) to 24 million from an expected 25.5 million, as a shortage of parts in the global market slows console production.

According to Nintendo’s own data, this is the Big N’s best-selling console ranking as of 30 September 2021:

Nintendo DS: 154.02 million
Game Boy: 118.69 million
Wii: 101.63 million
Nintendo Switch: 92.87 million
Game Boy Advance: 81.51 million
Nintendo 3DS: 75.94 million
NES: 61.91 million
Super NES: 49.10 million
Nintendo 64: 32.93 million
GameCube: 21.74 million
Wii U: 13.56 million

Kyoto also has reason to be pleased in terms of Nintendo Switch game sales, with over 681 million games sold so far, a high ratio of 7.3 games per Nintendo Switch user. When these figures are compared to the numbers for the other Big N machines, the numbers are even more impressive, with only the Wii and Nintendo DS exceeding this figure by 921 million and 948 million respectively.

It is also important to note that these sales figures do not include the Nintendo Switch OLED, which went on sale in early October.


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