Metroid Dread Won’t Be The End Of The 2D Series [VIDEO]

The latest instalment in the Metroid franchise brings the story to a close after 35 years, but Yoshio Sakamoto feels ‘it’s not the final ending‘.


The final instalment in the 2D Metroid series has been a long time coming, with almost two decades of waiting to bring to an end the arc covering the franchise’s five 2D games that began in 1986. As well as being critically acclaimed, the game has performed stupendously in sales, breaking all-time records in Japan and being one of the best-selling games of October. Read our review of the game at: thegeek

The series seems to have become a guaranteed success with a reception like this, and fans are counting on not having to wait another 19 years for the next instalment. However, Metroid Dread’s closing of the story has led many to fear a possible definitive end to the 2D franchise. Still, series producer Yoshio Sakamoto seems to have hopeful plans for Metroid.

The producer insisted that he intends to continue Samus’ adventures. “I feel like Samus should continue her adventure, and that’s where we need to do our best. Metroid Dread concludes the five-game arc that has lasted 35 years. However, I feel it’s not the definitive ending. There should be something that can continue the franchise and the universe. So yes, as long as Samus is a beloved character, that’s what I’d like to do,” Sakamoto confessed.

The producer has spoken before about a hypothetical future for the franchise, referring to a “new episode in the pipeline, but there are no more details now“. The latest instalment of the Metroid franchise arrived on Nintendo Switch on October 8.


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