Battlefield 2042: EA Says The Player’s Number Almost Doubled Since The Previous Game In The Series

Despite this, Battlefield 2042 got off to a poor start and received a lot of criticism.



Battlefield 2042, like the series as a whole, is one of those annual shooters designed to meet the expectations of millions of gamers, but it seems that the latest instalment in the series has failed to achieve that goal fully.

Although it appears to be one of the lowest-rated games in Steam history, EA claims that, in fact, many users are enjoying the big battles of the upcoming conflict. They actually claim that their latest has almost twice as many players as Battlefield V over the same period.

The publisher explained this in a blog post, thanking the community for their love of the franchise:

“It’s only a few days past our global launch, and there are already millions of you playing Battlefield 2042.”

“We’re happy to see so many of you back on the battlefield – almost twice as many at this point as our last release.”

This may come as a surprise to some readers, as the latest UK figures show that Battlefield 2042 sold 59% less than the previous game, although this figure does not take into account digital downloads. So, and without more precise figures from EA, it’s possible that digital sales have had a significant impact on the game’s success, which may be compounded by the fact that many players have taken advantage of the EA Play and Xbox Game Pass pre-order trials.

Of course, the launch of Battlefield 2042 has been a bumpy one, with user criticism and the recent departure of the game’s lead designer. However, DICE hasn’t thrown in the towel and is already preparing a series of updates to improve critical aspects of the war experience, such as online stability.

Source: EA

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