Steam Continues To Break Records: Valve’s Platform Surpasses 27 Million Concurrent Players

Steam numbers have continued to rise throughout 2021, surpassing the highest peaks of the pandemic



Valve’s gaming platform presented its traditional Steam Autumn Sale a few days ago, where you can find titles such as Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order or Red Dead Redemption 2 with great discounts. Steam sales are one of the many practices that the platform has managed to popularise and that have allowed it to reap increasingly surprising user figures.

Last year 2020, Steam saw a massive increase in the number of users during the most challenging months of the pandemic, something that was in line with the situation resulting from the global health crisis, where the need for social distancing and the various confinements led many gamers to be more active on the platform.

However, far from being a one-off event, the figures recorded by Valve’s platform have continued to rise in a record-breaking 2021. The year began by surpassing the figures for 2020, with more than 25 million simultaneous players. Even in 2021, which is coming to an end, it has managed to surpass 27 million concurrent players.

These are record figures in which the main protagonists of the list in the last 24 hours have been some of the most veteran games. The classic Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Valve’s popular MOBA, DOTA 2, occupy the top positions, followed by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Apex Legends and New World. Valve intends to continue to win over more gamers with its new handheld console, Steam Deck, which will hit the market in February 2022.

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