PlayStation Home: Fans Have Revived Sony’s Community Space! [VIDEO

PlayStation Home isn’t remembered by many, but some people do, and a few of them have taken action to resurrect it.


PlayStation Home was the online community space of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s London studio, then known as Sony Computer Entertainment London. Launched in December 2008, after nearly four years in development (the platform entered development in early 2005, and it only needed a PlayStation Network account to gain access), Sony didn’t push its envelope: it remained in beta all the way through, and when it closed on 31 March 2015, it was still in that state…

VGC reported that Destination Home, a group formed to resurrect PlayStation Home, was able to get the community space that was shot down six and a half years ago back on its feet with the help of the PSOne Emulation team and several PlayStation 3 players who had PS Home data on their hard drives. The video below is proof of this, and the group says that by the end of the year, public and private lobbies will be open for people to join. With Sony’s servers no longer live, this is some serious work.

The team writes: “Today has been a monumental day for the Destination Home Team x PSOne Emulation Team, as we have finally hit a point in our development to have full lobby sessions working on the original PlayStation 3! This means users can join public/private lobbies just like the good ole’ times on PlayStation Home! In this teaser, you can see that we have some fan-favourite spaces, e.g. The Hub, Bowling Alley, Playground, etc., that are ready to be re-explored by our core fan base. By you guys donating much-needed Home data from your personal PlayStation 3 consoles, the team would like to say THANK YOU for making this possible!

In August, we wrote about Sony updating the PlayStation Home trademark, which may be coming to PlayStation VR 2 (or whatever it’s called…), so you can step into virtual reality ‘at home’.

Source: PSL

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