Wronged Us: An Atmospheric New Trailer For The Survival Horror Following In The Footsteps Of The Great Classics [VIDEO]

An abandoned town becomes a nightmare in the Silent Hill, and Resident Evil-inspired open-world horror game Wronged Us.



Wronged Us doesn’t seem to want to stray from the beaten path, as the horror genre has been a staple of the industry for decades. Franchises such as Silent Hill and Resident Evil stand out among them and have inspired many other titles, and their influence can be seen in Wronged Us.

The new game from Delusional Studios invites us to explore a deserted small town, where we face all kinds of mysteries, puzzles to solve and terrifying monsters to fight. Throughout our bizarre adventure, we’ll explore different areas of the town and interact with NPCs.

According to the studio’s description posted on Gematsu, Wronged Us is still in the very early stages of development. It was launched as a one-person project a year and a half ago, and the studio is currently hiring staff to complete the project. The developer has also talked about his influences, such as the style of the quests given by the NPCs and how they would fit into the Dark Souls world.

He also referred to Silent Hill’s atmosphere, story, and environment, combined with mechanics and gameplay closer to Resident Evil. You only have to look at the gameplay teaser presented by the studio to spot some of these references quickly. No definite release date is known at the moment, although the game is scheduled to arrive on PC and consoles in 2023.

Source: Gematsu

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