Dying Light 2 Stay Human Showcases Intense Parkour And Brutal Combat In New Gameplay [VIDEO]

The fifth episode of the Dying 2 Know series focuses on one of the missions and the tools available to overcome it



Dying Light 2 Stay Human is one of the big titles for 2022, Techland’s new game for its successful zombie franchise has promised to improve on the game’s first-person combat and stunt game formula. The new gameplay takes place in a mission set in the first third of the story, where Aiden, the protagonist, will have to gather information about his missing sister.

We leave Old Villedor to enter Central Loop, a completely different setting, as the Dying Light 2 Stay Human team explains, while Villedor has an older, more traditional building structure, Central Loop is a place full of skyscrapers, where paragliding is ideal.

In the mission featured in the video, we are shown how the relationships in the city and the dynamics between characters work. We start off by having to help Lawan, the character played by actress Rosario Dawson, who we met in previous episodes of Dying 2 Know. The mission will lead us to interact with many other characters in our tireless quest.

In this new gameplay, we see in more depth some of the gameplay dynamics that will help us to move through the scenarios of the zombie survival game, although there is also room for intense combat.

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