Is An Immersive Matrix Experience Secretly In The Works For PlayStation 5?

Something else may be in the works for the debut of Matrix 4, so we can also stare at the screen of our TV at home, not just the cinema screen…


On Reddit, details have emerged of a mysterious project called The Matrix Awakens, which is already making its way onto PlayStation Network. We’ve got two IDs for it (TitleId: PPSA05753_00, ConceptId: 10004087), and it looks like it’ll use Epic Games’ new mash-up engine, Unreal Engine 5. (And since Sony has a small stake in Tim Sweeney’s company, it’s somewhat in-house.)

The image below is from the PlayStation Network, but we’re showing it from Twitter just in case because you never know when Sony might decide to delete or change the link. But it’s Unreal Engine 5, and since the words “immersive” and “experience” together don’t usually mean a full-fledged game, we’re probably talking about a tech demo, or maybe something VR-related, which would be a bit of a stretch, because PlayStation VR is five years old and has been pretty outdated since then, so if we’re dubious about the Unreal Engine 5 verdict, we’re probably right to be.

When might the announcement be? The answer is clear: at this year’s The Game Awards, held on December 9 (or mainly December 10 in Europe). As there won’t be a big video game event after that (mainly as the PlayStation Experience hasn’t existed for years and State of Play broadcasts are nowhere near it), there’s simply no other way.

The Matrix 4 experience (we’re seeing this term more and more often instead of the word “game”) will be the last major film of the year. It will be released in cinemas in our country as Matrix: Resurrections, opening in San Francisco on December 18 and outside on December 22. And now all we can do is wait for the announcement because we don’t know who’s behind The Matrix Awakens…

Source: JVL

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