Spider-Man: No Way Home Press Screenings Show Only 40 Minutes Of The Movie

To prevent Spider-Man’s secrets from being revealed too early, the studio appears to be taking steps to prevent information from leaking prematurely



It seemed like only minutes after the world premiere of Eternals revealed Harry Style’s surprise role in the mid-credit scene, that the spoiler was posted far and wide on the internet without any subtlety or any way of those looking to avoid such information from…well, avoiding it. Whether it’s a coincidence or a case of being bitten once, coyly twice, according to several common sources, which include Big Screen Leaks who have favoured press screenings for Spider-Man: No Way Home will only contain 40 minutes of footage from the film to give attendees enough of an idea of the film to participate in press events and meetings.

While it has been said that the same group will also be invited at a later date to see the entire film, it is believed that the whole movie will not be aired until the premiere to avoid certain spoilers being leaked ahead of time. We already know there are so many rumours about Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield appearing in the final third of the film, the possibility of a sixth villain not being revealed with the five that were announced, and of course, all the post credit scenes that come with the film, and Marvel will be careful to keep them exactly that way until the last possible moment.

A variety writer tweeted Harry Styles’ debut as Eros in Eternal in the moments after the film’s world premiere. Walt Disney Studios senior president of marketing Asad Ayaz wrote: Eternal Help preserve the experience of this incredible film in the coming days. Please don’t post spoilers that reveal what many have worked so hard to protect”.

The revelation about Styles’ cameo spread quickly through online media sites, with most reporting the news at least somewhat clandestinely to give readers a chance to leave if they didn’t want to read the news. This has obviously upset many people at Marvel Studios and Disney who, as Ayaz said, work tirelessly to make sure these films arrive in cinemas with a sense of wonder, excitement and at least secrets intact. While this was the easiest thing in the world thirty years ago, it’s almost impossible these days for social media to start and run with every bit of spoiler and potential headline before you can look away.

When it comes to Spider-Man: No Way Home, Sony and Marvel Studios are said to have already had discussions about how much to show in the previews and, as we also expect from Marvel, what we’ve seen so far probably won’t be in the film or will be exactly the same, how it was edited to look. So, if they can keep all the hard work from being ruined by holding back on advanced press reviews, then clearly, they’ll put up with it.

In the end, all we know is that Spider-Man: No Way Home will definitely divulge all its secrets when it hits theatres on December 17.

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