Sony Unveils VR Prototype: High Resolution In 8K With Shorter Processing Time [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – Sony’s offer may appeal most to fans of video games, but it could also prove helpful in other areas.



Sony has been preparing to take the VR experience to a new level for some time. We saw this intention when the second generation of PS VR was unveiled earlier this year, making it easy to imagine where this technology could go next. However, the company wants to go one step further: at the surprise ‘Sony Technology Day’, a day dedicated to the company’s progress in this area, a prototype of a new VR device was unveiled.

The prototype projects 8K images when viewed with both eyes

The video, posted on the company’s tech-focused YouTube account, showcases all the benefits of the device, which surpasses anything seen before with new features such as projecting high-resolution images that reach 8K when viewed with both eyes (4K with only one eye). This is achieved by miniaturising more pixels through more advanced processing, the key to which has been the further study of advanced CMOS image sensors and the capabilities enabled by OLED technology.

But that’s not the end of Sony VR’s innovations, as the company claims that processing time and latency are reduced by integrating more sensors. All in all, the person using the device will be able to enjoy high-resolution images in real-time, in line with the movement of their head, which will expand the possibilities for both gaming and other fields such as corporate work, medicine or engineering.

Sony’s next-generation VR certainly looks spectacular, but it’s already clear that we’ll have to wait until at least next year for the second PS VR. However, there’s no doubt that the company has big plans for VR projects, having filed a patent earlier this year that would allow viewers to interact with players while playing games in virtual reality.

Source: YouTube

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