Elden Ring Approaches The Ideal Game Of Its Creator Hidetaka Miyazaki [VIDEO]

Miyazaki, known for Dark Souls and Bloodborne, has emphasised the open-world approach of Elden Ring



FromSoftware’s new title, Elden Ring,  is just around the corner and is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games of 2022. It is the studio’s most ambitious project, with a more differentiated approach from previous releases, and even has Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin involved in its development.

Author Hidetaka Miyazaki has given an interview in the new issue of EDGE magazine, sharing further details of his work. Among the highlights, it’s worth noting that Elden Ring is the project that most closely resembles his ideal game, specifically due to its new structure compared to the more well-known titles that bear his signature.

“Probably I won’t end up playing to Elden Ring because it’s a game that I’ve made myself, and it’s kind of a personal normal, “he says.” I wouldn’t get any of the questions that a new player will experience. Like I say, it wouldn’t feel like playing on itself. But if I did, then it would be close to being the ideal game I’d like to play. “

Miyazaki emphasised above all else the open world as a differentiating element of the title. “The open-world enriches this ideal experience that I’m trying to achieve. To give some simple examples, if I were to explore this world, I would want to have a proper map. Or, if I saw something in the distance, I’d want to be able to go and explore it. And I’d want to fight a dragon in an epic area,” he explains. “These are very simple things, but Elden Ring allows a lot of these things to become a reality for me, creating something that is very close to my ideal game.”

Elden Ring is set for release on 25 February 2022, when it will land on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox X|S Series. Miyazaki himself has been in the spotlight in recent months, unveiling the game that changed his life, encouraging him to become a developer for good, but also seeing his most recognised work become the best video game in history at a well-known awards ceremony.

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