Sony delays Morbius Release Until April 2022 [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – The Morbius movie starring Jared Leto won’t hit cinemas until spring, following a further delay to its release date



2022 doesn’t look like it will be the year when we stop having frequent delays in the release dates of the most anticipated films, and we haven’t had to wait more than 4 days to see for ourselves.

Sony Pictures will delay the release of Morbius by three months. The film, which is part of Sony’s Spider-Man cinematic universe (not to be confused with Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe), will be released on 1 April 2022 instead of 28 January.

It’s not the first time (or the second, or the third) that Morbius has postponed its red carpet premiere. The film was supposed to debut on July 10, 2020, but Covid-19 changed all plans. As the pandemic has raged, Morbius has gone through release dates: from the original July 2020, through to January and October 2021, before seeming to settle on a January 28th, 2022 release.

However, it is also due to Sony’s intention to give Spider-Man: No Way Home more room at the box office. Tom Holland’s film is still killing it in theatres, and it’s in the studio’s best interests to have a few more “solo” weeks. The new release date for Morbius is 1 April 2022. The film was expected to debut in cinemas on 28 January, so the delay is just over two months.

It’s worth noting that the original plans for the Morbius movie were for it to hit cinemas in summer 2020, so if there are no further delays, it will arrive almost two years later than planned. Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man Universe is exploiting Spider-Man villains and ancillary characters such as Venom and, soon, Kraven the Hunter.

This is the seventh delay to Morbius’ release date, though some have only been adjustments of a week or two. Unless other studios readjust their release schedules, the Morbius movie won’t have much competition at the box office for 2-3 weeks.

It’s clear that the Marvel movie starring Jared Leto won’t have its release date 100% secured until we’re in the cinema watching its end credits…


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