Is VRR Support Coming Soon To The PlayStation 5?

The technology that has already appeared on Xbox One X, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S could soon be making its way to Sony’s PlayStation 5 console…


On the HDTVTest YouTube channel, Vincent Teoh talks about how Sony is preparing new TVs for the spring. These include the A90K, which he says will have VRR support and will coincide with a firmware update for the PlayStation 5, which will see technology called Variable Refresh Rate make its way to the console (which has been available since November 2020; we should mention that we also mean the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, without Blu-ray drive).

Last year, shortly after the launch of the PlayStation 5, Sony confirmed, “[The] PlayStation 5 hardware supports Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) through HDMI 2.1. After a future system software update, PlayStation 5 owners will be able to use the VRR feature of compatible TVs when playing games that support VRR.”

Well, it’s worth explaining what VRR is. We mentioned at the beginning that Microsoft’s consoles have this feature, which removes screen tearing (in other words, if you see a character in the game in front of you split into two parts on a line for a moment, you’ve just experienced it), reduces stuttering and tries to eliminate input lag. (We are talking about reducing the execution time of the “instruction” between the controller and the console.)

It’s incomprehensible how the hell Sony couldn’t implement VRR right out of the box for the console release. Maybe Microsoft had some exclusivity? Pure speculation, not sure exactly what went on behind the scenes. What is certain is that the new PlayStation 5 firmware hasn’t been announced yet, but if rumours like this are any indication, we might see the latest system software arrive on our download list around February or March.

Source: WCCFTech

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