PS5 Resale Turned Armed Robbery – Is This The Extent Of The Stock Shortage In Canada?!

TECH NEWS – Speculation continues to swirl around PS5 as to the true extent of the retail stock shortage.



The PS5 stock shortage continues to fuel speculation around Sony’s next-generation hardware. In line with this, it has been quite common in recent months for groups of people to take advantage of new shipments to buy multiple consoles in stores, which they then sell online for more than the price offered by the Japanese company. Of course, sometimes the move can backfire.

That’s what happened to two residents of Pickering, east of Toronto, Canada, who were allegedly robbed at gunpoint when they met four potential PlayStation 5 buyers outside a shopping centre.

According to police in the area, the alleged robbers were two in number and fled the scene in a Nissan Altima car. They have not yet been found.

Although some stores have figured out ways to prevent their practice, speculation about PS5 and other products, which are in short supply in stores, remains the order of the day. The incident also serves to remind the regional police of the importance of establishing safe exchange points, in public places, during daylight hours and always under escort. “Don’t accept partial payment or anything other than cash, and don’t hand over the item until you have the cash from the buyer.”

According to AMD, a significant console supplier, the stock shortage is expected to persist into the first few months of the year. For those who want to delve deeper into the console shortage issue, we recommend our analysis of the still raging semiconductor crisis written at the end of last year.

Source: DRPS

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