Ken Levine’s Next Game Will Be Surprising… And Not

Says his game will only be revealed by Take-Two and Ghost Story Games close to release.


Ghost Story Games is working on an unannounced game. It’s supposed to be a story-based project where players can create their narrative thanks to interchangeable elements. Except that Ken Levine’s staff recently said that… there are problems with the management, so the development itself is not progressing at the pace expected, and we’re using understated terms here.

According to the staff, Ken Levine often figuratively throws a lot of the team’s work out the window and constantly calls for changes in direction. If that weren’t enough, there have also been instances of him firing someone with whom he had a conflict over his… shall we say, authoritarian attitude. These problems also explain why the Ghost Story Games project is not yet announced, even though the studio did its best to put the game on the map.

But that’s one side of the coin. It’s worth listening to the other. Ken Levine talked about the game in an interview with Arcade Attack. He said, “We didn’t want to go down the path of showing [the game] too early, because we thought it was going to be out sooner, and I don’t want to have a long period of having a build-up, interest, and hype because it just doesn’t, it would end up feeling fairly inauthentic and I think that gamers want to be… they want to know what they’re getting, and the only way to do that is to announce closer to launch.”

Levine went on to say that after the announcement, players may or may not be surprised to see it. In layman’s terms, it means that the project will have his characteristics so that it won’t be such a shock (but not a BioShock!), but there will still be a particular element of astonishment. We shall see.

Source: WCCFTech

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