Sony Has a New Patent That Allows Scanning Real Objects And Adding Them To PlayStation Games

It could be targeted for future application in PlayStation VR2 but has not yet been officially granted



Patent registration gives us a glimpse of companies’ possible future plans. In video games, Sony PlayStation is one of the most active, and in recent months we have had such clear examples as a new controller for playing on mobile devices or the one that caused the most controversy some time ago: the famous removable cases for customising its next-generation console.

These days we have learned of yet another patent that has been reported directly by Game Rant, with screenshots of the use that could be made of it. It is a system that allows real objects to be scanned and then included in video games, something that has undoubtedly attracted a lot of attention due to its possible uses in the future. Through a 360-degree scan, users could insert any object they had into a virtual scenario generated on the console to end up inside a videogame.



This is not a new patent, but Sony has updated it to improve it, allowing us to see more of how the technology works. It should also be clarified that, for the moment, Sony has not been granted the rights, as it is still in the registration process, but the media point to a possible use of the system in virtual reality, given that the company is working on the arrival of PlayStation VR 2 on PlayStation 5.

While we wait to see if they end up finally implementing it, and bearing in mind that it could be something that we may not see for a long time, it is worth remembering that very recently, the features of PSVR 2 were detailed, which has an OLED screen, 4K HDR and new controllers. In fact, they also unveiled Horizon Call of the Mountain, a gameplay experience based on Guerrilla’s saga that should arrive alongside the VR device.

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