The Last Of Us On HBO Will Feature Riley And We Already Have A Confirmed Actress

The very young actress Storm Reid will be in charge of bringing Riley to life in The Last of Us series



Another actress has been confirmed as part of the cast of The Last of Us series on HBO. Ellie’s close friend Riley, who we saw in the Left Behind DLC, will be joined in the series by Storm Reid, an actress famous for her roles in the 2018 film ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ and, more recently, the series ‘Euphoria’, confirmed Deadline.

Despite not playing a major part in the main story of The Last of Us, Riley remains a crucial player in Ellie’s past. Born into a world plagued by monsters and a small human population killing each other, Ellie never had the chance to live a normal childhood, but thanks to the refuge she found in her friend Riley, she learned that not everything in life has to be bad.

It is clear that we will see a lot of interaction between Storm Reid and Bella Ramsey, the actress who will play Ellie in the series. Despite being heavily inspired by Naughty Dog’s video game, the series will have some differences in its story, so even if Riley didn’t play much of a part in the 2013 game, that could change on TV.



Riley’s story takes place before Pedro Pascal’s character Joel enters the plot, with Ellie being the only connection between the two characters. Similarly, Ellie’s friend has never met Tess, who we already know will be in the series, or Tommy, who was also previously confirmed.

Neil Druckmann, the creator of the franchise, worked as a director on some episodes of the series, but his involvement ended a few months ago, as he took leave from filming and returned to his regular job at Naughty Dog. Before the series, The Last of Us was going to be a movie, but the idea was scrapped because, according to Druckmann himself, it focused too much on action, and that didn’t fit well with the video game.

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