Konami Made Its Debut On The NFT Market: More Than $160,000 For Castlevania Artworks

The original Castlevania’s model of Dracula’s castle was the highest-priced piece in the series.



Konami has already held its first NFT auction in style. A few weeks ago, we learned that the Japanese company was entering the crypto art market to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Castlevania. The collection is called the Konami Memorial NFT and is made up of 14 pieces from the famous game series.

The auction took place yesterday, and as shared by VGC, it raised a total of $162,000. The entire collection was sold via the OpenSea platform, with an average value of around $12,000 per item. The highest price was achieved by a piece based on a map from the original game for $26,539.



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The Dracula’s Castle map sold for $26,539

Other items sold included a three-minute video of various Castlevania games, which went for $17,500, and a piece of art based on the Circle of the Moon game, which went for over $17,000. The platform that auctions the artwork will pocket a 2.5% commission on each transaction, giving Konami a debut profit of more than $157,000.

The Castlevania Memorial NFT is just the first of Konami’s planned NFT projects, and after its success, don’t be surprised if it returns with more auctions. As for the games, Konami has rounded off its anniversary with an excellent compilation of the series for Game Boy Advance called Castlevania Advance Collection.

Source: VGC

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