Dying Light 2: Stay Human: One Of The Ports Is Not Coming In February!

At the last minute, Techland has managed to avoid releasing Dying Light 2: Stay Human on all the platforms it had planned.


This delay does not involve a platform where the game will run natively, i.e. PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One: these consoles will run the Polish company’s product locally. One platform is missing from the list, and for a good reason: don’t expect a Nintendo Switch port anytime soon, as Techland has delayed the survivalist “Switch” version of the zombie parkour to run from the cloud by up to six months.

Techland said in a press release that they want to bring Dying Light 2: Stay Human to the Nintendo Switch within six months of the original date (to which we reply that the game has been delayed several times, and since they had a December 2021 date set in the past, this is a very unfortunate definition on their part…). The justification also added that the gaming experience Techland wants to provide is a goal, and they want to deliver that for fans. In other words: the second part of Dying Light running in the cloud did not reach the quality that the Polish company would consider appropriate…

So we’ll be able to run Dying Light 2: Stay Human on Nintendo Switch from the cloud in early August at the latest, which might be a big disappointment for fans of the franchise, since Techland released a full release of the first part last autumn. So they’ll either have to wait or play elsewhere. It will be released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 4, and the studio will support the game with content for at least five years from launch.

The announcement was made at least two weeks before launch, rather than at the last minute, which would have harmed interest in the game. But admitting a lack of quality is not a crime.

Source: VGC

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