GhostWire: Tokyo: Finally Some Information About Story, Combat System & What Inspired The Developers [VIDEO]

Last night’s presentation revealed quite a lot of content from GhostWire: Tokyo, including a statement from Shinji Mikami.



As we reported yesterday, GhostWire: Tokyo had a live presentation where studio Tango Gameworks revealed quite a few details about the highly anticipated title. During the 20-minute broadcast, the combat was the main focus, but the team also detailed aspects such as the story, exploration, and some additional commentary from studio founder and Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami, among others.


Combat is the game’s biggest draw


In GhostWire: Tokyo, our primary mission is to save the capital of the same name, using the protagonist’s paranormal powers thanks to an entity that inhabits his body. These abilities will not only be used to fight all the creatures that infest the now uninhabited city but will also be an indispensable tool for “cleaning” all areas of the game.

At certain stages of the game, the protagonist will become disconnected from the entity that inhabits him and will lose his powers entirely as a result. However, in GhostWire: Tokyo, the player can also defend themselves in more traditional ways: using ordinary, albeit less effective, weapons as they desperately try to survive each encounter with the supernatural.





The Deluxe Edition gives early access to the game


Kenji Kimura, the game’s director, mentioned that there was “a lot” still to be revealed about GhostWire: Tokyo but said that the eye-catching use of moving hands in combat was an aspect the team focused on making the title more original. According to the director, the main goal during development was to make the game “fun”.

Shinji Mikami also made an appearance during the presentation, sharing some comments on the new title

According to him, the biggest draw of the game is the combat, as, unlike the survival horror titles he has worked on throughout his career, the action-adventure genre needs to “inspire positivity” towards the player.

The team drew inspiration from traditional Japanese horror stories to create both the plot and the enemies. Several studio members mentioned the famous “yokai”. Some even confessed that although they had never had a paranormal experience, they would love to come face to face with a ghost or demon.

After a long wait, GhostWire: Tokyo will arrive on 25 March as a temporary exclusive for PS5 and PC. A Deluxe Edition will also be released on PlayStation Digital Store, giving early access to the game (3 days) and including additional rewards such as a Shinobi costume, an exclusive weapon and the Streetwear Fashion pack.

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