Shinji Mikami Hopes Rumoured Resident Evil 4 Remake Will Improve Game’s Story

Although Capcom has not yet made a statement about the Resident Evil 4 remake, that hasn’t stopped Shinji Mikami from giving his opinion.



No, a Resident Evil 4 remake has not yet been confirmed by Capcom. Still, Shinji Mikami, the director of the original game, has come forward with a specific wish he would like to see fulfilled in the rumoured remake. As well-received as the original was, Mikami says there is room for improvement in the story, which Mikami mentions was written just three weeks ago.

Shinji Mikami wrote the RE4 story in just three weeks

“It would be great if Capcom could do a great job and make the story better, and put out a good product,” Mikami said in an interview. As we all know, Capcom changed the original story in the remakes of RE2 and RE3, so if RE4 is indeed in development, the past suggests that we will see quite a few changes in Leon’s European adventure.

Recently, an alleged leak about the remake was published, which would confirm that the series’ arch-nemesis Albert Wesker will also appear in it. Although this villain appeared in the original RE4, he didn’t have a prominent role and was only seen in a few scenes.

To admit that the story took just three weeks to create is impressive, as Resident Evil 4 is one of the franchise’s most extended titles to date, taking players through a wide variety of locations, from villages to castles to an island.

Source: VG247

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