Battlefield 2042’s Storm Still Raging: 150,000 Signatures Collected For The Price Refund!

The people behind the initiative call what DICE has done with Battlefield 2042 “misleading advertising”.



Battlefield 2042 is one of the strangest cases in recent months. EA and DICE’s shooter came in for a lot of criticism at launch for the overall state of the game, which players felt was too underdeveloped. Even though bugs were gradually fixed, this was not deemed to be enough by the community, and even the developers themselves talked about taking too long to fix the problems.

News around the latest instalment in the franchise has been less than positive recently, and this week we came across a petition calling for the game to be withdrawn from platforms and addressed to EA DICE, the game platforms and the US Federal Trade Commission.

They claim that the game has been “misleadingly advertised”

The petitioners are asking the companies to allow a refund for Battlefield 2042 because, among many other things, they believe the game has been “misleadingly advertised.” The petition has been signed by nearly 150,000 people so far, making it one of the most signed petitions on the platform.

“According to many consumer reports, Electronic Arts and DICE did not keep many promises made at launch, and Battlefield 2042 was launched as unplayable,” the description reads. “Even today, Battlefield 2042 has bugs that drastically change the in-game experience so much that it’s deemed an unfinished release by many community members.”

While it remains to be seen whether the initiative will have any impact on the game beyond further eroding its popularity, it’s safe to say that recent decisions aren’t helping to improve its perception. The delay of the first season has come as something of a shock, and Electronic Arts itself has highlighted in its latest financial report that the game has fallen far short of the company’s expectations.

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