The King of Fighters XV is Preparing for Release with a Spectacular Animated Short Film

Well-known Japanese animator Masami Obari made a special video of SNK’s fighting game.


There is not much left until The King of Fighters XV is released. The return of the SNK Fighting Game Series opens in a week on PC, PlayStation and Xbox after Sony held various open betas on its consoles, but is also preparing for several surprises to warm up the engines for the show.

Perhaps most special is the spectacular animated short film we can see on these lines, made in collaboration with a renowned animator. Masami Obari, also known as a director and character designer, pushes the unique and iconic style onto the special animation. The result? An action-packed video that will delight fans of KOF characters as well.

If we focus solely on the game, it’s worth noting that it will contain a total of 39 characters, including a group of classic warriors, to which an additional 12 downloadable characters will be added throughout the year. In addition to the classic 3v3 team combat system, the game features Shatter Strike, a new mechanic that allows you to fend off enemy attacks. From SNK, we’re invited to learn about what’s new, including enhanced modes and a Rush feature that allows you to perform combos at the touch of a button.

The King of Fighters XV for PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X | It will be released on platforms on February 17th, and in principle there will be a collector’s release, although this may not be available from us.

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