How Much Gran Turismo 7 Improved Compared To GT Sport? Here’s A Great Comparison! [VIDEO]

Bits Analyst has produced a comprehensive comparison between the two latest games in the veteran Gran Turismo series.



Gran Turismo 7 has arrived, and with it, the first numbered instalment since PS3, following a GT Sport that sacrificed some content favouring a change in gameplay philosophy. With Gran Turismo 7, Polyphony Digital aims to win back long-time fans with the most complete GT yet.

Lighting, track detail, grandstands and rain are among the aspects being compared.

The new generation of Gran Turismo has also brought us a comparison by the hands of Bits Analyst, where it brings us face-to-face with the two latest instalments of the veteran car franchise to observe what graphical changes we’ll find on the track. The comparison shows several vehicles in the different versions, GT Sport and GT7, on the same tracks and from the same perspective.

Changes in lighting, smoke behaviour when burning rubber, track vegetation, asphalt surfaces, the crowd’s appearance in the grandstands or the behaviour of the rain are just some of the details we can find in the video. The graphics of the new edition is one of the aspects we talked about in our GT 7 review.

The release of Gran Turismo 7 has been accompanied by an update in the prices of some cars, which has caused a lot of controversies; the vehicles are much more expensive than in GT Sport. Polyphony Digital’s title was also one of the games that were left out of the Russian market following the invasion of Ukraine.

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