Charlie Cox Would Change One Crucial Thing When Daredevil Returns

MOVIE NEWS – Although the future of Daredevil is unknown, Charlie Cox is hoping for a game-changer when the Marvel character returns.



Now that Daredevil is well into the MCU, the character is expected to undergo some changes. One of the changes that lead actor Charlie Cox is hoping for is a costume: the actor hopes that the character will finally wear the iconic “DD” symbol on his chest. An element that has been missing from Cox’s iteration of the Marvel character.

“If there is some new suit or if it does morph or change or it’s redone or whatever, it will be so much more fun for the fans to just have that moment of like, ‘Oh shit, that’s what it is.’ What I would say is, I’ve always liked the idea that at some point in Matt’s journey, his emotional journey, and again, I don’t know how everything is happening, or what might happen, and how it ties into what we’ve already done, I have no idea at all. But I’ve always liked the idea that at some point he feels like he has earned the right to have the DD [on his chest], which we’ve never had.”

In an interview with, Cox explained how the symbol’s appearance could be connected to Matt Murdock’s evolution as a superhero. Something the actor, and no doubt the audience, would love to see unfold on screen.

“And one day down the line, I like the idea that he just makes that decision; we get to witness that evolution on screen.”

“That’s just a little idea that I’ve had that I thought would be quite cool.”

So far in Charlie Cox’s Daredevil series, the character has gone in the other direction, returning to his black, ninja-like costume in season three instead of the red suit and horned headgear. But since Cox’s Matt Murdock is Spider-Man: No Way Home, he’s now in the Marvel Universe, so it’s undoubtedly the perfect time for Daredevil to get the symbol and, in doing so, his most comic-book costume yet.

Daredevil, along with Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and The Punisher, recently left Netflix and is scheduled to be available on Disney+ from 16 March.


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