Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Teases Us With New Features & Three Extremely Dangerous Beasts [VIDEO]

In a recent live stream, Capcom shared a wealth of information about the upcoming massive expansion for Monster Hunter Rise.



Monster Hunter Rise‘s frantic hunt is back in full swing with Sunbreak. His announcement has got players everywhere excited and eagerly waiting for Capcom to reveal more information in the latest live stream dedicated to the expansion. And now, after watching the stream, we still say there’s reason to be excited about Sunbreak.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be released on June 30.

Capcom has also revealed a long-awaited piece of information: the release date. This means that we can now mark June 30 on our calendars, as that’s the day we’ll be able to enjoy everything the Sunbreak expansion has to offer. But that’s not the end of Capcom’s news, as they’ve also given us new monsters to beat, new locations and more elements in their live stream.

We’ll have to defeat three legendary monsters known as the Three Lords in the expansion pack.

As previously announced, Sunbreak will include a new rank for players, Master Rank, which will unlock more abilities and quests. However, all of this will not be enough if we don’t hone our hunting skills, as the expansion will include monsters that will be a real challenge for any experienced user.

Following this, Sunbreak introduces a narrative arc in which we meet Fiorayne, who leads us to Elgado’s outpost to end the threat to his kingdom. Three new monsters, known as the Three Lords, will engage players in fierce battles: Garangolm, Lunagaron and Malzeno.





In addition, Sunbreak will introduce new creatures and characters to accompany us throughout the adventure, such as Admiral Galleus, the scholar Bahari and the friendly Chichae. The expansion will continue to receive free updates over time and is available for pre-order now so that you can prepare for the epic journey of Monster Hunter Rise. In addition, the developers haven’t forgotten to polish the base game experience further, and in addition to the above, a 13GB update has been announced that will include powerful items to help first-time players, new gear and more.

It’s no surprise that Capcom is adding more content to its monster game, as it’s one of the most profitable IPs in recent years. That’s why, in addition to Resident Evil Village, which is also enjoying strong sales, new additions are being added to keep players enjoying the hunt.

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