“We Have NOT Announced A Game Called The Witcher 4”: CD Projekt Tries To Clarify What Happened Yesterday

The Polish team keeps details about the story and the main characters of The Witcher’s “new saga” relatively secret for now.



Twenty-four hours ago, the development of a new era of The Witcher was confirmed, with many questions still on the way, including the game’s specific title. While many have been dubbing the game The Witcher 4, at least tentatively, CD Projekt RED wanted to clarify that they have said absolutely nothing about what the next instalment in the franchise set in the universe of Geralt of Rivia will be called.

“It’s a very big universe with a lot of characters and locations” – CDPR

“What we have NOT announced today: a video game called The Witcher 4 [and] A game exclusive to one storefront [Epic Games Store],” CDPR press director Radek Grabowski stressed on Twitter. “It was our initial confirmation of a new saga in The Witcher franchise. Right now, we are not discussing any specifics in terms or story, characters, mechanics, or plot details.”

The Polish-based company thus wants to focus public attention on the agreements with Epic Games to use Unreal Engine 5 in the future of the series, leaving other aspects of the RPG for a later date; it is not yet known when.


No more Geralt of Rivia?


However, with a strong emphasis on the start of a new era, CD Projekt RED may change not only the game’s graphics engine but also other aspects traditionally associated with the franchise, possibly even the protagonist. During the promotion of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the developer claimed that the Witcher story had come to an end. “It’s a very big universe, with lots of characters and places we haven’t shown you yet,” they explained. “So we might come back to it at some point… but we think this is a good opportunity for Geralt to enjoy his retirement and try new things.”

The next-gen version of The Witcher 3 is expected to be released for PS5 and Xbox Series in the coming months.

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