Immersive Stream For Games: Here’s The Private Label Google Stadia!

After Google has thrown its in-house development into the grave, it is now starting to sell its Google Stadia technology to others…


Back in February last year, Google said it would put its Stadia technology onto the market, after putting a lock on Stadia Games & Entertainment (then run by Jade Raymond, who went the Ubisoft > Electronic Arts > Google route; her new studio, Haven was acquired by Sony!) That moment has now come. Immersive Stream for Games has become the business version of Stadia, the technology’s “discount variant” the company announced at the Google for Games Developer Summit.

They already have a customer in AT&T: they made the cloud version of Batman: Arkham Knight available to AT&T Wireless customers last October. In addition to that, Google will make the in-store interface of the service available without a Stadia account in the next few weeks at a date to be announced. This move will make it easier to browse the more than 200 games, and, in principle, the games will also show up in Google search in relevant searches.

Google introduced Low Change Porting for the developers. It is an initiative to speed up the adaptation of games to Stadia. They can launch libraries that automatically translate DirectX and have greater support for Unity and Unreal Engine. Paradox Interactive, Team17 and Steel Wool Studios (Five Nights At Freddy’s) are the early adopters of the technology.

Google has also announced Click To Play Trials, allowing developers and publishers to make full versions of their games available to consumers who don’t have a Stadia account and don’t need to install anything to try the games. No additional development is required. It is only necessary to specify how long the trial can last and whether or not players can continue where they left off after purchase. This system will launch sometime this year and will be available on Immersive Stream for Games together with Low Change Porting.

So the “private label” Stadia that Google makes for others is here…

Source: Gamesindustry

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