Google Stadia Pro’s Subscription Introduces 70% Revenue Share

The Google Stadia Pro game developers can access a higher share, but for 85%, they need to do a little more…


Google‘s cloud-based platform with its Google Stadia Pro subscription will provide revenue for its partners each month. This model will be activated by late July, and after that, each title that becomes part of the Stadia Pro subscription will be getting money for the devs. (If you keep an active Stadia Pro subscription, you will gain access to a game library as well.)

Google called the 70% share an industry-leading share on this week’s Google for Games Summit. 70% of all monthly revenue generated by the Pro subscription will be split between partners based upon how many „session days” players have spent on their games. If you log in and play a game one day, it counts as one session day. If you log in twice on the same day, that will also count as one day. However, if you log in the next day, that will be considered another day.

Google is also introducing a new split for games sold individually in the Stadia Store. It will give 85% of the sales revenue to developers for any titles released from October 1, but this split will only apply up to the first three million dollars generated, and it will only be available until the end of 2023. After these, it will revert to the original, currently used split.

There will also be a new affiliate marketing program for Google Stadia Pro partners, and it will arrive in the first half of 2022. The developers will receive 10 dollars for every new user they help to convert to a Stadia Pro subscriber, tracking which users click on studios’ unique Click To Play links, which launches Stadia in a browser and switch to a paid subscription after a free one-month trial of Pro.

„Stadia Pro continues to be a focus for us to reward and incentivize partners who build great experiences for players, which we’re confident will translate into more exciting reveals and content in the future,” Stadia product manager Alan Joyce told Gamesindustry.

Google doesn’t give up on Stadia. (We wonder how much they paid for Electronic Arts to make the next-gen version of FIFA 22 available on Stadia and not on PC…)

Source: Gamesindustry

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