Loop Hero’s Developer, Four Quarters, Encourages Buyers Of The Game To “Help Raise The Pirate Flag” In Sanctioned Countries

Devolver Digital, Loop Hero’s publisher, confirmed that they fully support Four Quarters’ idea to distribute the game in sanctioned countries as it cannot be purchased on Steam.


Ever since the invasion of Ukraine happened, people in sanctioned countries have had to face a lot of limitations when it comes to buying video games. However, Russian and Ukrainian developers and video game studios have an even harder time since Steam payments are stalled until April. Therefore, Russian studio Four Quarters has announced on the 27th of March that they strongly encourage their customers to pirate the game. They also shared its torrent link.

Note that the studio does not support Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. A user asked the studio whether they needed support during the crisis, and they replied: “we can handle it, thank you. If there is such an opportunity [for you to provide support], take better care of your loved ones and friends.” The studio also updated its followers on the upcoming Loop Hero update, saying that there is “nothing wrong with torrents”. The update is 80% ready, and it will be continued soon.

In the meantime, a spokesperson of Devolver Digital told PC Gamer that “Devolver Digital fully supports Four Quarters as they navigate this incredibly difficult period,”

They added:

“We’ve been communicating consistently with the team to help them wherever possible and were alerted of the statement ahead of time, which we back 100%.”

The situation of purchasing Steam games in sanctioned countries doesn’t seem to improve yet. Valve hasn’t made a clear decision on this matter yet; they commented on the situation, writing, “we know this is super frustrating for all involved, and are hoping to find a better resolution soon.” Several other companies, such as Microsoft or Sony, decided to halt their sales and block store access in the sanctioned countries.

Source: PC Gamer

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