Aleksei Pajitnov, The Creator Of Tetris Calls Out Putin For The Invasion Of Ukraine

“He is a soulless mad dictator”, – says Aleksei Pajitnov about Putin. The creator of Tetris hopes that life will soon turn back to normal in Ukraine.



Russian computer engineer and video game developer Aleksei Pajitnov, best known as the creator of Tetris, has recently condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, blasting Vladimir Putin, “the soulless mad dictator who started this evil”.

He did so in a statement shared by GamesBeat, in which he spoke of war so dirty and bloody that no one could stand aside. “The soulless mad dictator who started this evil war is a criminal, who must be stopped and condemned. It is unfortunate and shameful that a large part of the Russian people has not yet realised this. I am convinced that Putin and his regime of hatred will fall and the normal and peaceful life in Ukraine and, hopefully, in Russia will be restored”.

Casey Pelkey, CEO of The Tetris Company, also addressed the public a few days ago in a message where Pázhitnov’s stance on the war was already advanced. “Needless to say, Pajitnov and the rest of our Tetris family are devastated. We stand with Ukraine and are saddened by the course taken by the crisis, which continues to threaten the safety and well-being of its people”.

Aleksei Pajitnov’s video game was released more than 35 years ago, only to become an international hit in a story that we will soon be able to see made into a film for Apple TV+. All this without renouncing its origins, both in the image and its slogan: “From Russia, with fun”.

Leaving Pajitnov behind, the war in Ukraine has completely shaken the gaming industry. First of all, affecting development teams located in cities such as Odesa or Kyiv, which the creators of Stalker 2 have had to abandon. In addition, large companies in the sector have decided to close their businesses in the Russian Federation.

Source: Venture Beat

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