E3 2022 Is Cancelled: Here Are All The Details & The Gaming Industry’s Reactions!

It has been suspected for some time that there were problems with E3 2022, but the decision has only now been officially communicated to the US media and companies.



E3 2022 is cancelled. After several weeks of silence from the organisation, the decision was announced this afternoon by the US games industry to several US media outlets, including IGN. This means that the once-great North American video game trade show will not be held in any form this year, following a commitment to the digital format in 2021.

The organisation hopes to regroup for a significant return in 2023.

The news emerged a few hours ago in a Twitter post by Will Powers, PR director at peripherals maker Razer, which IGN was able to confirm moments later. Sources interviewed by the trade portal also confirmed ESA’s initial plans after the cancelled E3 show in June this year: “regrouping for the big return in 2023”, so it seems that this is not the end of the convention. As for the upcoming E3, Stephen Totilo, a journalist for Axios, shared confirmation on his Twitter account that it will be a face-to-face digital event.

The news is no less shocking for the video games world, although it was to be expected. The first reactions were not long in coming, including from Canadian communicator Geoff Keighley, who took the opportunity to remind us that this year there will be another Summer Game Fest, which promises to be a party for the whole industry.


E3 will return in 2023


“We are dedicating all our energy and resources to bringing you a renewed E3 next summer, with a physical and digital experience,” said the event organisers. “Whether you enjoy it on-site or through your favourite electronic device, the 2023 event will once again bring the gaming community, media and industry together in new formats and interactive experiences,” they added in a terse statement.

“We look forward to bringing E3 Live to fans worldwide in Los Angeles in 2023,” concludes their message, a similar promise to the one they made after the cancelled E3 2020 and the lack of support for the digital format. As a result, other digital events have emerged that have gradually taken the spotlight away from it.

E3 2022 was supposed to be a digital event.

In January, the event organisers announced that they would be switching back to digital this year, a move they justified with the increased incidents of Covid-19 in the US. “Due to the ongoing health risks around Covid-19 and its potential impact on the safety of exhibitors and attendees, E3 2022 will not be held in person.” In the end, this will not be the case, and E3 2022 has been cancelled, as it was in 2020 amid the outbreak.

E3 2021 was a disappointment for many, although at least 36 games were showcased at the event, including titles such as A Plague Tale: Requiem, Forza Horizon 5, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Metroid DREAD, among the long list of others.

Source: IGN

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