Mojang Removes Xbox Series Bug From Minecraft

Mojang removed ray tracing from the Xbox version of Minecraft. Although they have already introduced ray tracing in the PC version of the game, they have no intention to include it on the consoles.


It’s not the first time Minecraft has surprised us, so the news we heard earlier this week wasn’t surprising. Mojang and Microsoft’s title incorporated ray tracing on Xbox Series in the latest version for insiders, something we’ve already seen on computers but didn’t expect on consoles.

Well, we shouldn’t expect it. At least for now, because the official Minecraft Twitter account has confirmed that ray tracing was included by mistake. The feature has since been removed, and it seems there are no plans to include it in the near future, as there have been for PC.

“The previous version of Minecraft Preview available to Xbox insiders included prototype code for ray tracing support on Xbox consoles,” the statement said. This code has been removed and does not indicate any plans to bring ray tracing support to consoles.”

This test version will not bring the benefits of the technology that takes advantage of lighting, shadows and reflections to the X and S Series, although you never know what the future may hold. As mentioned above, ray tracing in Minecraft is available on PC, with emitting pixels, water reflections, accurately cast shadows and better overall lighting.

Source: The Verge

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