Superman Video Game Based On Unreal Engine 5 Demo?!

It looks like the demo city of The Matrix Awakens could be a good backdrop for Superman…



Superman is one of the most important superheroes of all time when it comes to comics and movies, but his time in video games hasn’t been so lucky. Krypton’s last native has had some of the worst games in history, and some ambitious projects, such as the one made by Factor 5, have been cancelled.

The character has always had problems adapting appropriately to video games: he’s too powerful and massive, which seems to have made many proposals difficult.

If, like us, you’re dreaming of a Superman game as good as the Batman or Spider-Man adaptations, the tech demo shared by developer Volod will raise your hopes.

As you may have already identified, this isn’t Metropolis, but City Sample, the city we saw in the Matrix Awakens demo. The character looks like a test dummy, yet the flight manages to capture the essence of our Man of Steel fully. City Sample is part of the Unreal Engine 5 package, which developers can access.


Its creator plans to turn it into a real game


The developer also tried using our hero’s superpowers within the demo, but the results were nothing short of disastrous. The reception of the shared clips was so positive that Volod has set out to turn the tech demo into an actual video game, although he doesn’t have a Superman license yet.

Source: Twitter

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