Jamie Dornan As James Bond? Hard To Break Out Of The Box Despite Dornan’s Desire For The Role

MOVIE NEWS – The actor has spoken in a new interview about being the next James Bond. Prejudice was also discussed.


In an interview with Esquire, Jamie Dornan talks about his chances for the coveted role, which has previously been played by Sean Connery, David Niven, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig.

In the interview, Dornan also touched on the career of Robert Pattinson as the new Batman and admitted to being a little apprehensive about the new opportunity, specifically the preconceptions.

“Prejudgment is such a f—— disease, it’s a disease in all our culture. In my line of work, sure. But in general, people prejudge people based on f—— anything really, and it’s very sad. Look at the reaction when Rob got cast as Batman. It was like 90 percent negative. Daniel Craig got cast as James Bond — I mean that was 100 percent negative. It was vile what was written. It was actually disturbing when you see the f—— venomous anger that people have over casting decisions. And then guess what? Daniel Craig is f—— brilliant, and it changes the whole energy of Bond. All the naysayers love what Rob has done with Batman.”

Dornan has mixed feelings about his role as Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise (which we had a review of back then), as despite his success he hasn’t really convinced Hollywood to take him seriously as an actor:

“Look, put it this way—It’s done no harm to my career to be part of a movie franchise that has made more than $1 billion. Every working actor would say the same thing. It’s provided – a lot. But I take issue with the whole thing being just a bit of a joke. Everyone involved worked as hard as they could on those films, including myself.”

Dornan has tried himself in many things: he’s been a musician, a model and then an actor. He has also appeared in a variety of films, including Thor, Hamlet, the psychological thriller The Tourist and most recently Belfast, of which we also have a review.

Despite the discomfort of other actors, Dornan is looking forward to a new opportunity:

“It’s fun and it’s a cool thing to be in the mix for that sort of thing. I do think it’s very transparent in terms of if you look at that list, there’s not one person on that list who doesn’t have some content at the moment that’s doing well.”

Talks are already underway in the film world about who will play the next James Bond.  As well as Idris Elba, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is being lured to the role after his grandfather Peter Maivia played the villain in the 1967 007 film You Only Live Twice:

“Yes, my grandfather was a Bond villain… with Sean Connery. Very, very cool and I would like to follow in his next footsteps and be the next Bond. I don’t want to be a villain. You gotta be Bond.”

Source: People, Esquire

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