Will 24’s Jack Bauer Return?!

MOVIE NEWS – 24 has undoubtedly grown into an iconic series over the years (decades). Many attempts have been made since then to revive the franchise, but now Kiefer Sutherland himself has decided he would like to reprise his role as Jack Bauer.


Since 2001, 24 has attracted many fans to the action-drama series and, in particular, to the story of Jack Bauer. There have been several attempts to revive the series in one form or another since then, including 24: Live Another Day, a limited series in 2014, the 24: Legacy spinoff in 2017 starring Corey Hawkins, another spinoff in 2019, a planned prequel series in 2020 and a feature film that was never made, but either were never materialised or got scrapped after a short life. But Kiefer Sutherland has now come up with the subject and some new ideas, as he expressed his eagerness to reprise his character Jack Bauer, the protagonist of the original 24.

Sutherland said in a video interview with GQ that he believes Jack’s story is still unfinished, so it would make sense to pick up the thread again. Sutherland said it wouldn’t be a bad idea to allow a sequel to develop, with a whole new cast of characters searching for Jack Bauer, who had disappeared somewhere, according to the original series.

“I miss it. It was an incredible experience. I have learned that you’re just better off not to be definitive about your answer of whether you will do something or not do something. I love playing that character. I do believe the story is unresolved. If something were to be written that made sense to me and that I thought was going to contribute to the franchise then I would be behind it, even if my participation in that were to be limited.”

“My involvement will always be predicated on what I perceive is the quality of the writing. If Howard Gordon is motivated to do it, we’ll see what happens. I think the only thing that would ever make sense, and I’ve told [Gordon] this, is that you launch the new cast because they’re trying to get [Jack] back from China or wherever the hell it is that I ended up.”

Sutherland, of course, would not let his desire of the role ruin the writing of 24, as he believes the writing should still be the top priority. In other words, he would have no problem if Jack Bauer’s return didn’t mean the character’s return to the lead role. He hopes that original showrunner Howard Gordon will listen to his request and give Sutherland’s Jack Bauer another chance.

Source: MovieWeb

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