Breaking: Sony May Acquire FromSoftware?!

According to one analyst, Sony is preparing to acquire FromSoftware. If this information proves to be accurate, it will add another big name to the PlayStation Studios roster.



Sony’s latest business move should come as no surprise: earlier this year, we learned that Microsoft was buying Activision Blizzard for a record $68.7 billion. Although the deal has not yet closed, this potential acquisition has set the world alight. A war has been declared between the two giants, and competition has been launched to see who has the bigger… er, catalogue.

If the US multinational struck the first blow, its rival did not hesitate to respond: two weeks later, it bought Bungie Studios for $3.6 billion.

Indeed, Microsoft and Sony went to war, further intensifying their desire to flood the market with exclusive games by buying up as many studios as possible. This time, according to an analyst, the CEO of a consultancy firm, the Japanese company has a strong intention of buying the development studio FromSoftware, which is currently on the zenith thanks to its latest game, Elden Ring, which is still dominating the sales charts several weeks after its release.

In fact, if the rumour of a possible Sony takeover was more of a bad April Fool’s joke, we have to admit that some people certainly believe it. Proof of this is a report published by analyst Dr. Serkan Toto, CEO of the Tokyo-based games industry consultancy Kantan Games.

Dr Serkan claims that FromSoftware would be a perfect merger and acquisition candidate for Sony.

He goes on to give us a glimpse into the company’s history in his own analysis, which starts from 1986, when it began as a B2B software developer, until the crazy announcement.

If this information proves to be accurate, Sony would obviously make a big splash in the industry, welcoming a big name into its ranks that could very well be a good thing for PlayStation Studios. For now, however, Dr. Serkan’s claim is more of a fantasy, a rumour awaiting confirmation, which could be anything…

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