See The Dark Souls Player Who’s Found The Best Controller: His Violin…

Tiaviolí Gaming has already managed to defeat Taurus Demon, one of the formidable opponents of FromSoftware’s Dark Souls.



The Dark Souls player community is impressive, as are Hidetaka Miyazaki’s other titles. We witnessed Elden Ring‘s first No-Hit a month ago, and ElviraYuki wowed us as she used her feet to move through Midlands with the help of a Dance Pad. Still, players are constantly coming up with new and more impressive challenges, and this time it was one of the first Dark Souls players who wowed us.

Gaming streamer and violinist Tiavioli proved that nothing is impossible in Dark Souls, as he played through FromSoftware’s challenging title with a violin (!) as a controller.

In a video shared on his Twitter account, he can be seen defeating Taurus Demon, a boss from Burgh of the Undead.

On his Twitch channel, he shared the process of mapping the notes of the violin to respond to the actions he wants to perform in the game, and it’s quite a sight to see him rubbing the strings with the bow while moving the character. Indeed, for someone who doesn’t even know how to hold an instrument, this is another difficulty level.

Hidetaka Miyazaki, the father of the Souls series, has spoken about the challenging difficulty of his games and how it has become the studio’s identity. However, if you still feel Dark Souls is too easy, it’s time to make a zither or maybe a pan flute transcript and go viral!

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