Achilles: Legends Untold Got An Epic Trailer And Release Date! [VIDEO]

In Achilles: Legends Untold, Dark Point Games takes us against mythological monsters in a conflict between Hades and Ares.



Achilles: Legends Untold puts us in the role of Achilles, one of the most famous heroes of Greek mythology, in a “Souls-like” action RPG – or so developer Dark Point Games defines the game. Achilles, sent to battle Phobos, will travel through lands of myth and legend, where we will find powerful items to aid us in our quest.

The game launches on 12 May with early access.

Greek mythology will be the setting for this RPG with an isometric perspective, incorporating classic elements from other popular RPG franchises such as Diablo. However, based on the FromSoftware saga, the developers’ approach is a statement of intent as to what to expect in terms of both combat and character development.

If you’re looking forward to embarking on this mythological journey through the Greek lands, you’ll be pleased to hear that Dark Point Games has announced an early access release date of May 12 for the game, so Achilles: Legends Untold can be added to your Steam wishlist now. In the trailer, you can see our protagonist using various combat skills.

Aside from throwing shields like a Marvel superhero, Dark Point Games hasn’t forgotten the signature Brad Pitt move from the movie Troy. The game will also feature co-operative multiplayer, so you and a friend can progress through the Greek lands.

Source: Steam

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