Moon Knight: Who is the New Character? [SPOILER]

MOVIE NEWS – In the aftermath of episode 6 of Moon Knight, a new character that fans have been waiting for all series is finally introduced, but who is he? WARNING! EPISODE 6 SPOILERS TO FOLLOW!


The Moon Knight did a great job of showcasing the dynamic between Marc Spector and Steven Grant as two people existing in one body. There’s a lot of personality and body language differences between the two characters, and Oscar Isaac plays both of them perfectly. It was incredibly satisfying to see Marc and Steve finally work together and learn to live a healthier life together in the finale.

However, there were hints of a third character throughout the series. There were moments when both Marc and Steven were swooning and surrounded by dead bodies and carnage, acts of violence that neither of them had committed. Comic book fans knew what the series was referring to, but casual viewers may not have known which character was being referred to until it was revealed in the finale. In the aftermath of episode 6, viewers are introduced to Jake Lockley, who is apparently still Khonshu’s avatar. But who exactly is Jake Lockley in the comics, and what is there to know about him apart from the very brief glimpse of him in the Moon Knight finale?

Jake Lockley is the most violent of the characters in the comics, much more violent than his other two alter egos. He was first introduced as one of Marc’s “disguises” before becoming a full-fledged character. Jake works as a taxi driver with many connections to criminals and the underworld. While Marc disguised himself as Jake, he built up a network of criminal allies and spies to keep him informed about his enemies. Jake, however, began to take on a life of his own as Marc’s mind began to fracture and the disguises he wore became fully-fledged alter egos, individuals with their own distinct personalities and memories.

Jake differs from Marc and Steven in that he is more dangerous and erratic, especially in the context of the MCU’s Moon Knight. Steven is mostly averse to violence and is the softest of the three, while Marc, as a mercenary, is naturally used to violence and is not afraid to use it – but he doesn’t go too far with it. On the other hand, Jake seems more open to the roughest option, as seen in the post-credits scene where he (apparently) murders Arthur Harrow in cold blood before driving off.

The series has done a great job of subtly hinting at Jake’s possible appearance without trying to shroud him in too much mystery for those who were already aware of his existence. There are several scenes where the mirror image technique is used (where Marc and Steven can talk to each other through mirror images), where a third mirror image is also slightly visible, giving a subtle hint of Jake’s presence lurking in the background. In episode 4, as Marc and Steven cross over into the underworld, a shot of a sarcophagus appears above them. Directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead have confirmed that this was meant for Jake. They wanted to plant the initial seed that something else lurked beneath the surface, something they called “supernatural or demonic”.

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