Millions Of Players Drawn To The “Barefoot” PlayStation Plus Version Of Godfall

Godfall: Challenger Edition has made its way to PlayStation Plus, and Counterplay Games has hailed the move as a success.


Godfall: Challenger Edition was added to PlayStation Plus in December. It was the only PlayStation 5 game on the list, and it was undoubtedly watered down from the base version. This version omitted the story mode, so if you wanted the whole experience, you had to fork money to Counterplay Games and publisher Gearbox. It didn’t go down well with gamers, but they seem to have been a vocal minority, as the game’s director, Daniel Nordlander, told Seasoned Gaming that this version was a success. Sony was who decided to include it in its PlayStation Plus offering.

Counterplay Games has previously said that it is not a demo version of the game but merely a cost-effective, feature-limited edition. And Nordlander told Seasoned Gaming, “We were thrilled to welcome new players via our launch of [Godfall:] Challenger Edition through PlayStation Plus. In fact, in just one month, the Challenger Edition, across platforms, saw more than 2.5 million new players join the fight for Aperion. From our perspective, this was a big win. The objective of the Challenger Edition was to offer players an incredible value while getting them directly to the heart of two things that make Godfall spectacular – immersing yourself in the power trip and engaging in the many end game modes with friends.”

Godfall was first released for PlayStation 5 and PC (as a launch title on PS5, so it’s a November 2020 launch), followed by a PlayStation 4 port in August last year and Xbox Series and Xbox One versions in April this year (called Godfall: Ultimate Edition). Since then, they’ve got even more players because of the expansion, as they’ve made the game available for multiple platforms.

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