Bloober Team Games May Come To PS Plus?!

According to a new rumour, some games developed by the Bloober Team will be available as part of PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium tiers.



If the news is accurate, fans of Bloober Team games can breathe a sigh of relief as the new PlayStation Plus service is just around the corner. Sony will release the revamped PlayStation Plus tiers on 23 May in Asia, 1 June in Japan, 13 June in the Americas and 22 June in Europe. However, little is known about the full range of each tier.

Sony has mentioned that PS Plus Extra and Premium subscribers will receive a catalogue of up to 400 games but has only shared a few names from the complete list.

Furthermore, Sony has not yet revealed the collection of classic games, which promises to be one of the big hits of the Premium tier. A new rumour suggests that a developer’s games will be part of these new PS Plus tiers. Any leaks should be treated with caution, but this news seems entirely plausible.

This rumour came from and resetera, and Push Square published it later. According to a document dated 18 April, games developed by Polish studio Bloober Team could be added to PS Plus Extras. The paper notes that “a significant licensing and distribution agreement has been signed with Sony Interactive Entertainment”, and rumour has it that selected games from Bloober Team will be part of a new distribution service.





If this rumour proves to be accurate, fans can expect to see some Bloober Team games as part of PS Plus Extra and Premium tiers. The studio is known for making horror games such as The Medium, Layers of Fear and Observer, and these could be great additions to the catalogue of games Sony offers.

According to a leaked report, the Bloober Team is working on a new Silent Hill game…

…but, the developer denied the news last summer. Other than the initial announcement, Sony hasn’t revealed much about the upcoming renewal of PlayStation Plus. Fans have no idea of the games that will be offered as part of the service, and Sony is unlikely to reveal the complete list until the launch in Asian regions. Only Death Stranding, God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Mortal Kombat 11 and Returnal have been confirmed for release.

Sony has also not yet revealed how Game Trials will work for PS Plus Premium subscribers. According to a recent report, all games priced at $34 or more will be required to offer users a two-hour trial within three months of release. This could potentially be a big incentive for Juicers to subscribe to PS Plus Premium, and Sony will hopefully share more details about the service in the coming days.

Source: Push Square

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