Could The Next State Of Play Happen In Early June? [VIDEO]

Since Sony hasn’t attended E3 in years, it wouldn’t even be an E3 replacement for them. It would just be the usual June shenanigans…


It’s long past time for Sony to reveal more about their upcoming games, or at least the titles that are (timed?) exclusives for PlayStation 5. (We’re not mentioning PlayStation 4 anymore, despite God of War: Ragnarok being made for it… which we think will be the last PlayStation Studios game to be represented on the 2013 hardware…)

In the video below, Jeff Grubb, writing for VentureBeat, “I’m also hearing from multiple people that Sony will have a show the first week of June. I can’t confirm that, but I hear from many different people, but maybe that’s just scuttlebutt.” However, if you think a bit about Sony’s upcoming games, it’s worth looking over the list…

God of War: Ragnarok should be getting a significant presence, especially as we’re five and a half months into 2022, and Sony still only mentions 2022 as the release date (so it’s no wonder it’s rumoured to be delayed to 2023…). We’ve also heard from Square Enix that they have a new trailer video for Final Fantasy XVI ready to go, so we’re sure that will be part of the show. Luminous Productions may also have Forspoken, postponed until October, on the agenda.

Activision Blizzard has started quiet marketing for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (the game is set to be called that, Infinity Ward has already confirmed), and with the Microsoft acquisition deal not yet closed, a reveal of that could be part of the show, as Call of Duty has moved from Microsoft to Sony on the PlayStation 4. PSL, citing its sources, claims that the publisher is planning the game’s reveal in early June…

Silent Hill; Deviation Games’ FPS; Haven Studios’ live service game; Bluepoint Games’ Bloodborne-related project; Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us: Factions project… there’s plenty to show on maybe June 4.

Source: PSL

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